Cruciani Cashmere

Enjoy the magic of cashmere, once intended only for kings, queens and Tibetan monks. In the 18th century the Company of West Indies brought it to England, an exclusive fibre for the royal family.

A fibre that many tried to imitate in vane, even transferring cashmere goats to France and England. Ineffectually. The goat’s fleece suffered due to the rich feeds and mild climate of the old continent.

The most valuable cashmere is still the one obtained from pastures swept by icy wind, the most primitive and wild environments of China, Kashmir and Mongolia.

Cruciani Cashmere

The more biting the climate, the softer and precious the fleece of the goat.

Still today the most rare fibres are obtained exactly as they used to be: from the farthest and inhospitable lands, from the endless plains, from the manual selection of one fleece after the other.

Their surface fleece is used for simple productions (blankets, carpets, ropes and curtains) while the innermost part of the wool, the thick undercoat growing near to the skin, is the most precious part of cashmere wool chosen by Cruciani cashmere.

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