Cruciani Garments

Excellence offered to those who live amazement and emotion as necessary elements of daily life. Cruciani means knitwear, trousers, shirts, crocodile bags. Absolutely excellent quality, super-refined details: ageless. Disconnected from changing fashion. Something you do not wear out of a whim, but to pamper yourself, well aware that what you chose is something you deserve, a piece of exclusive excellence.

Something that can be carelessly left into a chest of drawers, because tomorrow or in ten years you’ll still wear Cruciani with passion.

Cruciani does not undergo the transformation of fashion, just that of unquestionable elegance. Selective in its relentless research, sophisticated in its customized cashmere, exclusive in its total look: its target is those who are pampered and have it all, those who are only captured by strong emotions, by true character. Emotions by colour. Emotions by quality.

The touch of cashmere and silk, colours so vivid that they are irreplaceable, inlaid knitwear, details you always recognize.

An appeal you can not miss: Cruciani is so chic it cannot pass unnoticed. An appeal you can find today in its total look, chosen following the spirit guiding its creations. Cruciani had many inspirations, collected in its long years of research in knitwear: it decided to make them emerge in a complete total look, a direct expression of its lifestyle. A group of talented designers therefore created a high quality project with a modern total look which is although sweet, chic, stylish and contemporary. A total look composed of niche products, strongly expressing the Cruciani world.

Cruciani Garments

Excellent craftsmen in all sectors were a must, to share the project of a total look with the best companies, already award winning in their field.

The best shirt makers were chosen, to propose pret-à-porter or entirely hand made products for top customers with the best cotton fabric and exclusive details, like fabric patches on the elbows, single button or cuff-link cuffs, French collar to pamper every moment of leisure.

The best specialists of tailor made jackets were involved, to create new de-structured jackets offering the pleasure of a cardigan in the shape of a dinner or day jacket. The best experts in the field of leather where asked to patent an enzyme making crocodile as soft as nappa, a true glove for customized bags. Experts in leisurewear were asked to propose the contemporary luxury of anatomical jackets. And we chose to think big for children too: Cruciani Young is a line for children aged 2 to 12 with the cashmere of adults merged with the joy and comfort of children. A funny idea, as any challenge without compromise on quality. Because in the Cruciani world emotion is a must. Both standing and crawling on four.

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