Cruciani - The Company

Cruciani was created in 1992 by Luca Caprai with the precise aim of conveying his values and family culture through a message of excellence.

Its objective is to achieve production of garments that meet the needs and demands of all markets whilst maintaining the highest possible levels of craftsmanship and quality.

Luca Caprai’s vision is that of developing desires and giving them tangible form. A Cruciani product cannot but be made entirely in Italy and represent the best of a traditional heritage, the state of an art in continual evolution. Two requisites that plainly cannot be met outside Italy.

The Cruciani brand is now perceived as different and distinctive. The name of Cruciani not only evokes the work done by a company but a new art de vivre, a cosmopolitan attitude and an elegance in which rules are creatively décontracté.

The product is young, casual and sophisticated. It’s pleasing to wear and has the timeless, universal quality of truly inspired design.

The same vision has brought to the creation of the new Cruciani C line, which became all the rage last summer in Forte dei Marmi and is now a must in Italy and all over the world.

Elegance, Pride, Quality, Love

The brand encapsulates a series of values seen by Luca Caprai as fundamental and necessary and that give the company a unique sensibility. A product made in Italy, whether crafted by hand or on high-tech looms. A distinguishing mark, fruit of the capacity and experience of people who are both highly trained and creative.

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