The Serious Signs of Colon Cancer

Knowing the signs of colon cancer could literally stand between you and death. Most people have no idea as thinking about their colon is the last thing on their mind. Taking the time to read the below article will acquaint you with the signs you need to watch out for in your own body.

The first symptoms of cancer don't appear until your cancer is well advanced. That means it is your responsibility to go in for routine screening once you are 50 years old.

Signs of Colon Cancer

The technicians are best trained to spot cancer and can find it even when you feel as right as rain.

Local signs of colon cancer begin in the intestines. These will lead to changes in your bathroom behaviors. For example, the frequency of your bowel movements may change. You may find that you are constipated or you may face diarrhea instead. Sometimes you will have both, and they can be accompanied by black or dark-colored blood. Abdominal discomfort or very thin stool are other symptoms to watch out for.

When any of the above symptoms last longer than two weeks, you should contact your doctor. If you are seeing blood in your stool, you should contact them immediately. When you can catch this problem early on, your chances of survival increase.

There are also systemic symptoms you have to watch out for. The most dramatic will be issues with weight loss. If you aren't trying to shed the pounds, but you are dropping them easily, that can be a warning sign. Not feeling hungry is another sign which often accompanies the weight loss. Feeling tired or nauseated can often be a side effect of anemia, and you may even develop jaundice. If any of these symptoms are experienced for more than 48 hours, go to the emergency room or to your doctor.

When you realize that something is wrong, make an appointment to see your doctor. They will talk to you about whether there are any medical conditions in your family history, how you are feeling and what medicines you take. They will also set you up for some blood tests to rule out a variety of potential conditions. If anything seems out of whack, they can schedule you for other test and screenings to help you determine what is going on.

While being tested for colon cancer might seem scary, it shouldn't be. The professionals who do this work have done it hundreds, if not thousands of times before. They know how to make it comfortable for the patient, ensuring you get it over with quickly and without any discomfort. You can rest assured that their goal is to make it as easy on you as possible.

Now that you know which signs of colon cancer you need to be paying attention to, your health will be under your control. Stay on top of your condition and visit the doctor if anything changes. The more careful you are, the more quickly you will catch any problems with your colon.

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