Tinnitus Cures and Coping

Imagine this:  You're sitting alone in your room, the children are asleep and your wife is at work.  The television is off, and the only thing you can hear is disturbingly loud, high pitched ringing sound.  No matter how hard you try, you can't block out the noise, nor can you find where it is coming from.  This isn't just an imaginary scenario for sufferers of tinnitus.

Tinnitus Cures

Tinnitus is caused by various underlying symptoms ranging from waxy buildup to serious neurological conditions.  But regardless of the cause, every sufferer searches for tinnitus cures.

Tinnitus cures usually depend on the cause of your tinnitus.  For ringing caused by waxy buildup, a simple trip to an ear specialist to have your ear canals cleaned and drained can quickly cure your tinnitus.  But other causes can be trickier.

Some general tinnitus cures and treatments include avoiding caffeine and other stimulants.  Unfortunately, tinnitus has also been reported to be relieved by actually ingesting caffeine, so these tinnitus cures are very situational.  Another drug that has reported relief from both ingesting and avoiding it is nicotine.  Of course, the dangers of nicotine usually far outweigh the dangers of most tinnitus and should be avoided in most situations.

Lidocaine injections directly into the inner ear can help relieve tinnitus but only for a very short amount of time.  This can help to relieve very intense and painful ringing for a short does of time while other treatments are administered.  Melatonin can also help quiet the horrible ringing noise and aid in sleeping for those that have trouble falling asleep due to their tinnitus.

In extreme cases, surgery of the inner ear and electrical stimulation of brain or inner ear tissue has been found effective.  But for most common tinnitus sufferers, these aren't readily available or the safest of options.

One of the most common and readily available treatments for tinnitus relief is outside noise.  Since tinnitus usually shows itself due to the absence of outside sound, simply turning on music or the television can instantly provide relief.  Another outside noise that can provide great amounts of relief is white noise.

White noise is readily available in the form of a simple box fan or white noise machine.  For the internet savvy, the website www.simplynoise.com can easily provide you white, brown, and pink noise.  They are especially useful at night when trying to sleep, as white noise is far less likely to keep you up at night than whatever random program is on your television or radio.

For some forms of tinnitus, a special hearing aid that will compensate for the lost audio frequencies can effectively cure tinnitus.

And of course, preventing tinnitus in the first place is important.  One cause of tinnitus is long term exposure to very loud noise.  If you work in a factory or on a runway, or any job with loud noises, be sure to wear sound dampening ear protection at all times.  Don't allow yourself to become a victim of tinnitus and force yourself to search for a cure with the rest of the sufferers.

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