Warning Signs Diabetes: The Silent Threat

While many of the warning signs diabetes throws at you would go unnoticed, you can stop this from happening. If you understand what to pay attention to, you can catch diabetes in its early stages. The earlier you are to catch it, the healthier you will be. Continue reading to find out what you need to watch out for.

One of the most common warning signs diabetes creates is a massive thirst. You will find that you drink constantly and in great volumes. This is the body trying to wash additional blood sugar out.

Warning Signs Diabetes

If you find you are going to the bathroom a lot, that is likely because your beverage consumption has increased. Pay close attention to how much you are drinking.

Next, weight loss of unknown origin can be a warning sign diabetes causes. The body just isn't functioning correctly, so the pounds begin to drop off. While this may seem like a great thing, it is actually a scary situation which you may struggle to be able to stop. Losing weight is only a good situation when you are in control of it.

Tingly feet are once of the warning signs diabetes causes later in its progression. This is a sign of nerve damage and can lead to peripheral neuropathy. If your feet ever go numb or feel tingly when they're not "asleep", you should head to the doctor for testing. Even if it isn't diabetes, it may be a sign of something very serious.

The glucose in our blood is intended to enter cells, giving us energy. When there isn't enough insulin to get the glucose into those cells, we become lethargic and tired. This is a common symptom of many different diseases, so it is frequently overlooked. If you combine this with another symptom in this article, you should definitely have your blood sugar levels checked.

When your vision seems to be going wonky, changing all the time, this could be a sign of eye spasms. These are caused by not having your blood glucose levels under control. Diabetes can do terrible damage to your eyes if it goes unregulated. Visit your optometrist once per year as he can see those changes within your eyes and let you know if he thinks you might be suffering from diabetes.

Being driven to eat excessively can be a sign of diabetes as well. When the blood sugar becomes low, the body wants you to get the levels back to normal, therefore you feel extremely hungry. It will cause you to crave foods high in sugar to get your glucose quickly to a higher level. This isn't healthy, so if you feel this way, visit your doctor.

These symptoms may or may not happen to every person who is developing or has diabetes, but, by and large, they are the most commonly seen. Keep conscious of your body so you can nip this problem in the bud. That will ensure that you can live a long, happy, healthy life, if you so desire.

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